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To install a Jindent trial version, just download a Jindent software package and install it without registering any license key.

The software will be enabled for evaluation purpose and has the following restrictions:

  • Once in a while, a splash screen pops up.
  • Java files containing more than 500 lines of code cannot be formatted.
  • C/C++ files containing more than 700 lines of code cannot be formatted.
  • Jindent's commercial note cannot be turned off.
  • The evaluation period is limited to one month.

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Request an unrestricted evaluation site license key of Jindent to test the full range of all capabilities and features.

This software does not contain any restrictions, but it is limited to one month of evaluation.

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Install it through offline installer

  • Jindent - Code Formatter for Windows

    Version 5.0.3, 2018-08-26

    Supported: Vista/7/8/10, Server 2012/2008/2003, 2000/XP
  • Jindent - Code Formatter for Linux

    Version 5.0.3, 2018-08-26

    Supported: Linux
  • Jindent - Code Formatter for Mac OS X

    Version 5.0.3, 2018-08-26

    Supported: Intel, PPC
  • Jindent - Code Formatter for Solaris Sparc

    Version 5.0.3, 2018-08-26

    Supported: Solaris Sparc
  • Jindent - Code Formatter for Unix

    Version 5.0.3, 2018-08-26

    Supported: All POSIX compatible systems