Jindent 4.1.0 released

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C/C++ Formatter:
New features:
  • C/C++ language support
  • Handling of most preprocessor directives
  • Intelligent line wrapping
  • Indentation
  • Brace style transformation
  • Uniform white space conventions
  • Header and footer templates
  • Comment formatting and elimination
  • Tabular code alignment and justification
  • Code separation
  • Text variables
  • Conversion between unicode and a number of other character encodings
  • Batch processing
  • Open API
  • Support by all Jindent IDE plugins

Java Formatter:
New feature:
  • Added separated blank line control for all branch-statements return, throw, continue, break.
  • Fixed GUI refreshing problem with encoding settings.
  • Fixed wrap before/after bug for shift << >> operators.
  • Enum declarations without any constants caused a parser error. This is fixed.

Jindent Commander:
New feature:
  • Added combo box to select encoding for source code preview.
  • Fixed sorting of files and directories in file navigator view. All directories will be displayed first now.

Jindent Netbeans Plugin:
  • Jindent plugin caused deadlocks with Netbeans' refactoring functions. This is fixed now.

Jindent Eclipse Plugin:
  • Fixed some minor bugs with Format-On-Open and Format-On-Save events.

JavaHelp System:
New feature:
  • Added shortcuts in Jindent's customizer to open manual in JavaHelp system.