Jindent 3.2.0 released

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Changes/New Features:

  • Jindent 3.2 provides a completely new interface for programmers. A restricted API is released with the Jindent 3.2 basic package and the full API will be available in Jindent 3.2 Gold soon.
  • New control comments to turn Jindent formatting off ("//J-") and on ("//J+") are added. Source code between these comments is not touched by Jindent.
  • Two new switches have been added to the Jindent property file:
    blankLinesToSeparateJindentNote = n
    blankLinesToSeparateConventionNote = n
  • New option to mute normal messages except errors is added.
  • New option to set internal buffer size is added.
  • New options to keep original header/footer style:
    neverFormatHeader = boolean
    neverFormatFooter = boolean

Bugfixes in Jindent:

  • The wrapLongMethodNames bug has been fixed.
  • Foreign unicodes in Header/Footer and Javadoc templates are not trashed anymore.
  • The indentation problem of Trailing/End Of Line Comments at closing class/interface braces has been fixed.