I want to run Jindent via an ant task. Where do you put the license file so that Jindent finds it when I run the ant task?

First to run the Jindent ant task the Jindent.jar file has to be part of your Java classpath.

Jindent's license mechanism looks for a .jindent-data folder which is located in the same directory as the Jindent.jar file. This folder contains all necessary license informations.

For instance:

        +- .jindent-data

To build the correct folder structure install the received license key with JindentCustomizer or JindentCommander to create the necessary .jindent-data folder close to the Jindent.jar file of your Jindent installation. Now you can copy this .jindent-data folder close to the Jindent.jar which is used by your ant's classpath.

  • Friday, 26 October 2012

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