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Jindent - JDeveloper Plugin

Read instructions how to download and install the Jindent JDeveloper plugin from Oracle's Open Source and Partners Extensions Update Center.

You can download the Jindent JDeveloper plugin directly from Oracle's Partners Extensions Update Center:

  1. Start your JDeveloper IDE and select "Check for Updates..." from the "Help" main menu.
  2. Skip the "Welcome Page" by clicking the "Next" button. Then select the "Open Source and Partners Extensions" Update Center by clicking on its checkbox and click the "Next" button again.

    JDeveloper's update site for Jindent the code formatter

  3. Now select plugin "Jindent - Source Code Formatter" by marking its checkbox and click "Next" button to start installation.

    JDeveloper's update site for Jindent the code formatter

  4. The JDeveloper IDE now starts downloading the Jindent plugin. If the download has finished please click the "Finish" button to start the final installation.
  5. JDeveloper asks you now to restart the IDE. Click "Yes" and after a fresh restart the Jindent plugin is installed and available.

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