Jindent Commander

The Jindent Commander application is a graphical frontend to simplify the usage of Jindent's console tool.

You can browse, select files to format, customize all your Jindent settings and compare formatted and original files for your Jindent projects. Due to the embedded extension manager, Jindent is able recognize source code files by its extension (for instance: java, c, cpp, h, hpp, js, sqlj) to choose the right formatting engine for every file. For ambiguous file extension like .h Jindent first tries to format this file as a C source code file and second as C++ source code.

Invocation Examples

Depending on the used installation package Jindent Commander can be invoked in several ways:

  • Invocation of Jindent Commander through native exe-wrapper or execution scripts:
    JindentCommander [xjp-file]
  • Invocation of Jindent Commander's shell script on Linux/Unix systems through sh command:
    sh JindentCommander [xjp-file]
  • Invocation of Jindent Commander through a Java VM (Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or later is required): To invoke Jindent correctly all jar files in Jindent's lib directory have to be included in Java's CLASSPATH. Then Jindent can be invoked like:
    java JindentCommander [xjp-file]