IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

Jindent can be tightly integrated into all IntelliJ IDEA IDEs as a substitution of the built-in Java source code formatter.

In detail Jindent's IntelliJ IDEA plugins provide the following features:

  • Full source code formatting support for Java
  • Easy formatting of editor content
  • Easy formatting of files, packages and directories right from project navigator window
  • Detailed report about all Jindent events
  • Embedded Jindent preferences to customize all formatting settings with realtime preview of all changes
  • Full undo support
  • Automatically invokes Jindent on save-events
  • Calls optimize Java imports before formatting
  • Easy online installation from our public update site
  • Easy offline installation through our native Jindent installers

About Jindent's IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

Clearly arranged, easy to use and fully integrated

Embedded preferences

All formatting settings are embedded within the IDE settings.

Format from navigator

Jindent formats files, projects, packages and directories.

Easy installation

All plugins can be installed from an online update site or by offline installers.

Format editor content

Jindent can be quickly accessed to format the current editor content.

Forma on save

Automatic format editor content before saving to harddisc.

Report about events

Jindent reports all important events in a message console.

All Jindent settings are integrated in IntelliJ IDEA's settings

Categorized settings

For quick access all setting options are categorized by tree items.

All settings available

All Jindent formatting settings are available in IntelliJ IDEA settings panel.

Realtime preview

All customizations of Jindent's settings can be previewed in realtime.
Easy comparison of original and formatted source code.

Preview of events

Peview of Jindent's event messages.