Visual Studio/Express Integration

Jindent can be tightly integrated into Visual Studio/Express as a substitution of the built-in C/C++ source code formatters.

In detail Jindent's Visual Studio/Express plugins provide the following features:

  • Full source code formatting support for C and C++
  • Easy formatting of editor content
  • Easy formatting of files, packages and directories right from project navigator window
  • Detailed report about all Jindent events
  • Easy installation by a very detailed step-by-step tutorial

About Jindent's Visual Express/Studio Integration

Clearly arranged, easy to use and fully integrated

Format from navigator

Jindent formats files, projects, packages and directories.

Easy installation

The integration can be easily installed by a very detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Format editor content

Jindent can be quickly accessed to format the current editor content.

Report about events

Jindent reports all important events in a message console.